Sunday, October 18, 2009


Did ya ever notice that even if you did not get along with your parents they taught you the basics of everything you ever needed in life?

My Dad was a horrible person to us kids most of his life, but changed 2 years before he died. All I ever wanted was an apology from him for the way he treated me. Two years before he died, he gave me that apology, but then I had to change. I had to forgive him and mean it. Yesterday, or last week. I began to miss him. And wonder why he would not let us share his life with him.

And even though I miss my Mom terribly and struggle with tears and crying on some weekends, I want to be like her. She was always ready for new adventure. I want to know more about them even though they are gone. And see who they were from someone else's point of view. But maybe my brothers and sister are still grieving and I should not bring up the subject just yet.