Sunday, January 17, 2010

Net Sufing

Today, I found a site where I can watch church online in streaming video. I got so burned out after the Florida Revival hinted of being religious. Just a bunch of hypocrites. Overly emotional people. Always pushing God stuff on you. Never listening. I believe in God but wanted nothing to do with anyone that way. And the last 4 churches I have been involved with bordered on cult more than believing in a Holy Trinity or anything.

I love crafts and was surfing for templates and backgrounds for this site and found this site: You have to register to view their stuff, but it is worth it. The real church in near Kansas City, MO and is more than entertainment. I mean look at it. They are in Kansas City; part of middle America. Good old home values and all. Laid back conservative folks. Not taken to fake stuff. Kansas City, Missouri is where cattle drives were routed to to sell cattle in the 1800's. A slaughter town. Now they have this crazy, almost looney church that really gets you. Check it out. Let me know what you think.