Sunday, March 28, 2010

Into the Grey

Starting a new journey can often feel like going on a journey into the fog or heavy mist.  You do not know for sure where you are headed, only that you are going down a new road.  It is a new adventure.  It can be scary or great.  A lot of how you look at it depends on your attitude.

This picture was taken on the top of a mountain in Jefferson National Forest in the middle of heavy fog and pouring rain.  I could not see in front of the car more than a little bit and it was scary, yet I knew that even if I missed the road and fell off the mountain, everything would some how turn out alright.  

I have to remember this when I start out again in a month on a journey to find yet another place to live and a new job.  I know some of where I am going, just not the practical things, such as where will I live or work and how will I get what I want to bring with me to where ever it is I am going.  A lot of questions now, but time will show me where I am headed.  I just have to listen carefully and keep walking.

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