Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sympathy Cards-Different Realities

A dear friend of mine lost her husband this week to the effects of Parkinson's disease.  Unlike others I have known, this man stayed gentle and kind to the very end.  When I attended his funeral, his children shared the many aspects of their father.  The funeral was more like a celebration of his life and accomplishments than any other event.  The manager of my job knows one of this man's sons and has only glowing words to tell of him.

This  first card is the sympathy card I gave his grieving widow, my friend.

This second card I gave my friends who have been friends of this man and his widow for over 45 years.  Although they live in another state, they came to stay with my dear friend and to help care for her husband throughout the worst days of his illness.

Both of these families believe in the risen power of Jesus Christ and that the husband has gone home to be with his best friends and loved ones in a heavenly realm.

The inside verse thanks the second couple for their level of love unbound by measures and cords in showing true love for a friend, now gone.  And wishes them condolences for the loss of their friend.