Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Portable Beach

I saw the idea in a children's book this past year when I was teaching Sunday School to K-5th graders.  At the time I was looking for spy ideas to teach the children how to be Spies for God. But that's another story.

Take an empty Altoids type can and paint it inside and out.  Since this was going to be my portable beach, I painted the inside of the tin and the outside of the lid blue.  Then, I painted the outside base of the tin white to represent weather worn board and white sand. I covered the outside base with sea worthy sayings clear stickers from Michael's craft store. I also added two tiny shovels and shells to the outside decor.  The top outside lid has a sea sticker on it   "Rise and shine.  It's beach walking time!"

Once the outside was finished I added white glue and white sand alternately until I had a good bit of "hardened" sand inside.  I poked a hole in the sand mixture, cut the end of my parasol and added beach stuff.    Now wherever I go, I can carry my beach with me - - or I can keep the tin on my desk at work when I am missing the ocean.

Here are the photos:

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