Saturday, April 9, 2016

Portable Beaches

I have been creating portable beaches in Altoid tins for approximately five years.  When I began, I sold them on Etsy,com for about $5.00 plus tax and shipping and made about a nickel on each.  While living in Florida, I raised the cost of each to $10 plus tax and shipping and sold more of them.
Last summer an acquaintance at  my church requested eight of them to be given as gifts to a group of hosts who were to be in Florida for a conference at a companion church.  I made them and assume they were given as gifts along with other crafts, "made in America."  I never heard from that person again as she quit her position and I did not go to the companion church.  I hope the intended recieving persons liked the crafted tin.

Here are some photos of ones I have created in the past.  With summer coming, I will be making a few more.